Quality Control Inspector - Welding Discipline

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Quality Control Inspector - Modules/Piping/Supports
Responsible for performing Quality Assurance (QA) activities and implementing QA programs under the direction of a Quality Control (QC) Module/Piping Supervisor. Inspector will perform assigned inspections and monitor progress and success in assigned functional area during the construction of a major Nuclear Power Plant. Position coordinates with the Construction and Engineering organizations for QC inspections and construction monitoring as necessary to verify performance of construction activities to the requisite codes, standards, specifications and drawings. Implements QA/QC programs to meet assigned project requirements. Ensures the effective implementation of the quality program in the area of assigned responsibility and ensures that the appropriate materials and equipment are available for inspection and test. Inspector will assist QC Supervision with determining the extent and applicability of the quality program to the assigned functional area. Establishes and maintains client and subcontractor relationships to assure free communication of information and reasonable resolution of quality problems so that quality goals are attained with minimal rework and repair. Provide periodic reports to QC Supervision regarding the effectiveness of the quality program.
This position requires, as a minimum, commensurate education and experience to allow certification as a Level II Inspector in accordance with NQA-1 and the CB&I; Nuclear Quality Assurance Program (i.e., 1. Graduate degree plus six months of related experience in equivalent inspection, examination, or testing activities; or 2. Four-year college graduation plus six months of related experience in equivalent inspection, examination, or testing activities; or 3. Completion of college level work leading to an Associate Degree in a related discipline plus one year related in equivalent inspection, examination, or testing activities; or 4. High School Graduation/GED equivalent plus three years of related experience in equivalent inspection, examination, or testing activities; or 5. One year of satisfactory performance as Level I or five years related experience in the corresponding inspection, examination, or test category or class).
Additionally, knowledge and understanding of 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B QA Requirements and of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Standard NQA-1 and other Codes and Standards associated with new nuclear plant design is a plus.
Effective verbal and written communication skills are essential as is experience in interacting and developing and maintaining positive relationships with Client personnel and external regulators such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Candidate must meet the criteria for access to the company's, partners', and clients' technologies.
Must be able to secure Unescorted Access Authorization to plant site
Requisition Number: POWR48117
Job Title: Quality Control Inspector - Welding Discipline
Area of Interest: Quality Assurance
Division: Power
Country: United States
State/Province: Georgia
City: Waynesboro

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